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Wedding Love Italy was born from the passion of Ornella who, together with her team, organises weddings with love and for love!

Our strengths are firmly based on curiosity, passion, attention to detail… and obviously… love!

We love the beauty, grace and harmony concealed behind a smile, or in a work of art, or a good glass of wine! With this ‘mantra’ and in search of beauty, we’ve been active for several years with our ‘Wedding Planning Agency’ in Tuscany, a region that gifts us the maximum expression of what a wedding means to us: living with love in every moment of our lives.


For you who have already started the organization of your wedding in a careful and rigorous way.

Wedding planning full

For you who have chosen the date, or even just the period in which you would like your wedding to take place.

Wedding coordination

For you who made the first choices for your wedding with great precision and attention.

Wedding design

For you who know your tastes well but don't know how to modulate the ideas you found on the web.
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Wedding Planning Agency in Tuscany

Tuscany has been our adopted home for some years, it’s where we live our lives and carry out our profession as wedding planners, constantly inspired by the beauty and history of the place.

This land allows us to live in a perennial state of falling in love, of passion and of all-encompassing involvement.

Every sunset, every glimpse of nature, every hill and cloud in the sky is a joy for the eyes and an ideal background for a wedding…this is what the couples who come to us look for.


Wedding Planing Agency in Umbria

Just like TuscanyUmbria has always been a favorite destination for weddings.

Here you can find splendid locations surrounded by greenery or wonderful period residences, enviable to others scattered throughout our Italian territory, with breathtaking views; an ideal stage to celebrate the most important day of a couple’s life: their wedding.

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Wedding Planning Agency in Lazio

How much wonder in places so close yet so different from one another? Our adventure in the world of wedding planning began here in our region of birth, Lazio and its capital, Rome!

Several years have passed, but we still feel the same emotions as we did for that first wedding, living it every time with the same intensity we experienced with the first couple that we happily ‘accompanied to the alter’… since then, we’ve passed much time and many events, many couples, many love stories and many locations.


Wedding Planning Agency in Sicily

Intensity! There, if I have to chose a single adjective for a wedding, your wedding, in Sicilia, that’s it. Intensity!

Intensity of color, of scent, of flavour, of background … a mix of emotions that creates the perfect frame for your wedding in Sicily.

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